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  1. Out of nowhere You walked into my life You didn't give me, no no The chance to run and hide I been wondering, deeply Make me fall in love Spend the whole day, girl Thinking about your love! Girl I'm thinking about your love Never knew it could be so good Thinking of your tender touch Never knew I could care so much (I can't stop thinking of you.
  2. It Must Be Love Lyrics: Must be love / It must be love, talkin' 'bout love / Must be love / It must be love, talkin' 'bout love / Somethings got me upside down / And I never been like this before.
  3. Bought it just for 'Alive' - my thinking being that if the rest of the album stank, that song would make it worth the purchase price. The whole album is more than worth it - and 'Alive' has been usurped by 'When Love Sees You' as my new favourite song. A title that probably won't be altered in a hurry!/5().
  4. Bellevue's Love Songs series, like other releases from the label, features only a handful of original recordings per volume. Poorly recorded live versions and studio re-recordings are far more common. The label specifies which selections are live, but it does not bother to .
  5. MP3 (High Quality) MP3 (Low Quality) Download MP4 Buy CD Buy DVD Print Transcript Transcript PDF. Related Series: Also Available: Available to Purchase: Available Translations: Stand With Us. Help Grace to You bring important resources like this to people in your community and beyond, free of charge. you will receive an email with a link to.
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  8. (Ooh Heh Ooh Heh Ooh Heh Ooh) Hey yo i know it's the Fya girls and Smujji The combination this must be love It's gonna hit you like an explosion Fya Smujji let it go.. [Chorus:] Must be love This must be love.. love Girl i don't know where i'm at Thinking about you so bad Must be love This must be love.. love love Gonna be treatin' you right Every day (every day) Every night (every night.

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