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  1. Sep 03,  · No no vibration on the stopcock tap when I test taps in the loo. The boiler is combi about years old. House is early 70's. Tap noise is when taps get turned on quickly, it then stops. This changes when you flush the loo, taps in the downstairs loo tend to stop making noise after initial turn on.
  2. A noisy tap can drive a family crazy. The tense feeling you get when you turn the tap knowing there will be a whistle or screech is a common problem. Fortunately, noisy taps can be a relatively easy repair that you may be able handle without calling in a plumber. Here are a few tips on how to quieten your taps.
  3. Noita - интересный рогалик, разработанный независимой студией Nolla Games. Команда разработчиков ранее работала над такими играми, как Crayon Physics Deluxe, Swapper и Environmental Station Alpha.

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