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  1. moral compass meaning: 1. a natural feeling that makes people know what is right and wrong and how they should behave: 2. Learn more.
  2. Moral Compass deals with the aftermath of a night of drinking among some students at a private co-ed high school for the well to do. This is a matter that has happened a couple times in the past couple years here in the USA. There is anger, betrayal, lying, confusion, and so .
  3. A recent sociological analysis of emerging adults (the age range between ) drives home Schwartz's analysis regarding the loss of a moral compass and paints an even bleaker picture of the.
  4. Oct 01,  · English [] Noun []. moral compass (plural moral compasses) An inner sense which distinguishes what is right from what is wrong, functioning as a guide (like the needle of a compass) for morally appropriate behaviorSynonyms: conscience, moral sense , I. W. Wiley (ed.), The Ladies' Repository, Methodist Episcopal Church, vol. 25, p. To every sane man in all climes and ages .
  5. What is a moral compass? Simply stated, it is the thing inside of us that tells us which direction we should go when we have to make decisions involving right and wrong. This is how we judge a person’s character and whether they will make a moral and good decision. Many claim to have a simple formula on how to evaluate a person’s character.
  6. Our Moral Compass. When I think about a moral compass I think about a set of personal values that guide our decision making. These values reside in our hearts and have been formed over our lifetime. Most of us have many values, but only a few (three to five) become our “core values.” A few examples of values are: integrity, family, fairness.
  7. A moral compass is a part of our soul or our inner core that keeps us directing for a decision that will lead us toward a better good. Some of the ancient philosophers and sages used to point moral compass as the pointer that would lead to the good life where there will be few or if possible no regrets.
  8. Moral compass definition, an internalized set of values and objectives that guide a person with regard to ethical behavior and decision-making: a rebellious teenager without a moral compass. See more.
  9. A moral compass helps provide an objective standard to help each of us define and address our ethical or moral weaknesses. In essence, a moral compass helps us define what kind of behavior is.

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